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Code Updates


Building Code Update

A update in January 2000 was distributed addressing the requirements for each of the model building codes as it pertains to barrier and drainage EIFS. Some changes have taken place since the last update; therefore, listed below are the current requirements.

* Code Requirements

* BOCA- The 1999 National Building Code has been published and requires the following:

Barrier EIFS with or without a secondary weather resistant barrier.

* Special inspectors are required on all types of construction except when the EIFS is installed over masonry or concrete walls.* * It is important to note that the local code official has the authority to disregard this requirement if he/she chooses.

* All details that are a part of our detail package must be tested to show that they are designed to prevent water penetration. To date we have not conducted tests since EIMA is working with BOCA to finalize the test procedure.

* BOCA has extended all Barrier EIFS evaluation reports for 1 year without justification of details as noted above.

EIFS with Drainage

Special inspectors are not required for EIFS with drainage.

* A weather resistive barrier of No. 15 felt or equivalent shall be installed over all sheathing substrates.

* A means of drainage must be created between the insulation board and the weather resistive barrier except when concrete or masonry substrates exist.

* All penetrations and termination's must be flashed to maintain weather resistance.

* ICBO - The Acceptance Criteria for External Insulation and Finish Systems AC24 dated November 1999 requires the following:

Barrier EIFS with or without a weather resistive barrier.

* Barrier type systems are limited to types I through IV construction. Barrier systems are not allowed to be installed in type V construction (i.e. combustible construction).

* Special inspections are not required.

EIFS with Drainage

* Required on all Type V construction (i.e. combustible construction). EIMA submitted revised acceptance criteria to ICBO that would limit drainage to Type V, Group R, Division 1 and 3 construction. This was voted on and accepted at a meeting in Whittier, CA on October 15, 1999 and is now in the AC24 Criteria dated November 1999.

* SBCCI - There are no specific requirement's or limitations for Barrier Systems or EIFS with drainage. It is strictly a design preference.

* ICC - A final draft was voted upon during the week of September 13, 1999 in St. Louis. The draft is similar to the requirement's of BOCA's 1999 code. It was published in March, 2000 and is now available from ICBO, BOCA or SBCCI. It is now up to the individual states to adopt or not.

* IRC - The IRC will replace the CABO One & Two Family Dwelling Code. It went into effect in January, 2000 and requires the following:

* EIFS with drainage over a weather resistive barrier.

* Special Inspections will not be required.

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