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News / Past Articles

EIFS Installation Instruction,
In Flexible Video Format, Available In July

The Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industries - International, Falls Church, Va., Announces a new instructional video and companion workbook series fir the installation of exterior insulation and finish systems, available in July 2000.

EIFS-Doing It Right instructs users on correct techniques for applying Class PB EIF systems. While it is geared for the applicator, other EIFS personnel, such as distributors, superintendents and architect, will benefit from the knowledge. The video format makes learning accessible to everyone because it can be adapted to the user's schedule. When the mechanic has completed the video/workbook series, he is qualified to take a test that, if passed, will earn him a certificate that assures EIFS contractors and owners that the mechanic has demonstrated the prerequisite knowledge of the application of EIF systems.

Twelve topics are covered in the two one-hour videos and 120 page workbook: Tools and accessories, material storage, substrates, efflorescence, EPS insulation board overview, adhesives, class PB system drainage concepts, reinforcing mesh and base coat, finish cot, expansion joints, flashing and sealants, and repairs.

The generic instruction is based on industry-accepted material such as ASTM C 1397 and the guidelines of the EIFS industry Members Association. It is not manufacturer-or-product-specified, and refers the user to the manufacturer's recommendations when appropriate. The information and procedures for both the video script and workbook text have been reviewed and approved by a panel of 11 experts, including EIFS contractors, manufacturers, union and industry association personnel.

The instructional program is available for $575 and is available in both English and Spanish. Call (703) 538-1612 or fax (703) 534-8307 to receive an order form. More details and an order form can also be obtained at AWCI's Web site: www.awci.org.

Since 1918, AWCI has been serving wall and ceiling contractors, manufacturers, suppliers/distributors and other allied to the fields of acoustics, drywall, EIFS, fireproofing, insulation, plaster, steel framing, stucco and many other interior and exterior applications. The official publication is AWCI's Construction Dimensions a monthly, four-color magazine for the wall and ceiling contractor.

Go get EIFS - Doing It Right





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