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AWCI and Acordia Introduce
the Contractors Advantage Program

Competitive Rates and Premiums PLUS a 10% Package Premium Discount for AWCI Members.

* Property and Liability Coverage
* Inland Marine Coverage
* Umbrella Coverage
* EIFS Liability Coverage (For Qualified Contractors)
* Developed by AWCI and Acordia
* Underwritten by Northland Insurance Companies - Rates A+ by A.M. Best

For information about Contractor's Advantage Program Insurance, contact Jude Sutton @ (800) 523-7526 or jude_sutton@acordia.com - Administrator: Acordia Program Marketing Division

For information about becoming a member of AWCI, contact Marie Batiste at (703) 538-1602 or batiste@awci.org

Coverage not available in all states - Contact the Program Administrator for more information. Consult the actual policy for full details of coverage.

*** This article appears courtesy of AWCI






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