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News / Past Articles

AWCI Responds to Burst of Interest for EIFS Certification

The first quarter of 2003 showed a significant increase of interest for EIFS certifications earned through the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industries-International. Within just a few months, more than 10 groups have requested to have the AWCI Education and Certification Program brought to their location, or asked for group testing for their constituency upon completion of the self-study EIFS education program called EIFS-Doing It Right. 

A significant point is that this by-request  activity has not been promoted to the industry,  said Nancy Roylance, the program s director. These varying groups saw a good opportunity for their situation and took the initiative to call and find out what could be worked out for them.  For example, a distributor knew many of his customers were interested in the instruction and wanted the generic credential. He asked if AWCI would come to his location and give the two-day program thereby saving travel expenses to get to one of the limited offerings around the country. At press time, there were four groups wanting this in-house  service before June, according to Roylance.

The other by-request scenario is beneficial to those who have used the EIFS-Doing It Right video and workbook for training on demand, and they have enough people wanting the mechanics  certification to merit group testing. A proctor arrives at a mutually agreed date and the per person testing fee can be as low as $25 per person instead of the $80 single person testing at the 300 nationwide test facilities. Depending on volume, this can be a significant saving in money and effort in scheduling.

Why this sudden grassroots interest in addition to the recent nationally scheduled courses being at capacity? Roylance says, Certainly, it s a variety of reasons with the EIFS insurance predicament heading the list. The excitement with the new EIFSmart Contractor distinction and simply wanting to demonstrate competence through certification is appealing as well. EIFS manufactures have been endorsing and supporting in various ways the benefits and need to hold the AWCI certificate. This certification has been increasingly showing up on architect s specifications (and before it is formally adopted in MasterSpec anticipated this summer).  Other feedback that has been reported but not confirmed is some states have requirements for certified EIFS inspectors, code requirements, and reports of applicators who can t get on the job  without it.

Whatever the singular or confluence of reasons for the market demand, it s an opportunity to regard it as a harbinger or representative of good times ahead for the EIFS industry,  Roylance says.

.Courtesy of AWCI


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