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Durabond Products

59 Underwriters Road
Scarborough, Ontario M1R 3B4
Phone: (416) 759-4474
FAX:(416) 759-4470
Web Site: www.durabond.com

E-mail: info@durabond.com

Canadian Flag

Durabond Products Ltd., established in 1967, is a leader in specialized architectural coatings in Southern Ontario and Canada. Our superior range of products are all developed and formulated internally. Durabond's prime areas of expertise include:

* Exterior/interior polymer based textured architectural coatings, and penetrating sealers
* Specialty paints for exteriors and interiors
* Polymer modified grouts and mortars
* Restoration products including marketing of total restoration wall systems
* Fire rated insulated wall systems and panelized systems
* Construction bonding agents and adhesives


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