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News / Past Articles

Press Release
**For Immediate Release**

Degussa Wall Systems
3550 St. Johns Bluff Road, So.
Jacksonville, FL 32224-2614
Phone 904·996·6000
Fax 904·996·6300

Senergy, LLC Announces Name Change

Jacksonville, Florida, December 10, 2003: Senergy, LLC today announced that it will be changing its corporate name, effective January 1, 2004 to Degussa Wall Systems, Inc. Senergy, LLC is a leading manufacturer of Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems, Stucco, Finishes and Coatings marketed under the well-known brands of Senergy, Finestone and SonoWall.

The name change enables the company to enhance their ability to leverage the resources, support and innovations of its parent company, Degussa, the worldwide leader in specialty chemicals. The name change will also clearly communicate that we are focused on providing integrated wall systems solutions to the construction industry.

“The brand names of Senergy, Finestone and SonoWall will continue to be individually emphasized. We have invested substantially in building equity, goodwill and specifications around those three well-respected names and will continue to do so,” stated Bill Kasik, President and CEO of Degussa Wall Systems.

The name change further supports the commitment Degussa has to the EIFS and Stucco industry. By sharing their technical expertise and resources, Degussa Wall Systems – Senergy, Finestone and SonoWall will carry on the tradition of providing the highest quality products and services and continue to be at the forefront in producing the latest advances in innovation and technology.

Degussa Wall Systems has been a leading manufacturer of EIFS, stucco, specialty finishes and architectural coatings since 1979. It is part of Degussa Construction Chemicals, the world’s largest construction chemicals group

Degussa is a multinational corporation consistently aligned to highly profitable specialty chemistry. With sales of EUR 11.8 billion and a workforce of some 48,000 employees, it is Germany’s third-largest chemical company and the world market leader in specialty chemicals. In fiscal 2002, the corporation generated operating profits (EBIT) of more than EUR 900 million. Degussas core strength lies in highly effective system solutions that are tailored to the requirements of its customers in over 100 countries throughout the world. Degussa’s activities are led by the vision, “Everybody benefits from a Degussa product – every day and everywhere.” Contact Ann Erney, Marketing Communications Manager. Phone 800/221-9255 or e-mail ann.erney@degussa.com.


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