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News / Past Articles

Study Proves EIFS And Stucco Cost-Effective

An economic study of stucco and EIFS has concluded that they are cost effective exterior cladding systems.
The study was done using life-cycle costing, a technique of economic evaluation that sums, over a specific period of time, the capital, maintenance and operating costs. It evaluated the total cost of stucco and EIFS assemblies over a 50-year period.

The study was commissioned by NWCB and the B. C. Wall and Ceiling Association. It was conducted by BTY Group, a construction cost-surveying firm in Vancouver, B.C.

The objective of the study was to get reliable numbers to demonstrate to owners, developers and purchasers of buildings, and construction professionals, the cost effectiveness of stucco and EIFS and enable them to make comparisons with other products and assemblies.

The favorable results of the study provide the industry with a tool to promote stucco and EIFS.
For a copy of this report, contact the NWCB office or go to www.nwcb.org.

Courtesy of NWCB







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