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News / Past Articles

Senergy LLC And Acsys Inc., Form Strategic Alliance

Jacksonville, FL-- Senergy LLC, a leading manufacturer of acrylic coating systems in North America and Acsys Inc. of Hayden, Idaho have formed an alliance to promote the benefits of using Senergy’s coating technologies in conjunction with the innovative Acsys Panel System for use in the commercial and residential building markets.

The patented Acsys Panel System is an energy efficient and cost effective substitute for structural insulated stud wall and non-structural curtain wall assemblies. Since the panels are already foam faced, significant cost savings are possible when using our various acrylic-coating systems when compared to conventional construction. This technology addresses many of today’s concerns over energy costs, mold growth, speed of construction, availability of skilled labor and tightening architectural covenants. The innovative design of the Acsys panel results in a solid wall rather than the cavity wall design associated with stud construction.

Senergy’s advanced decorative and protective finish systems enable the creation of virtually any “stucco look” on the exterior Acsys Panel System. “This alliance is an excellent growth opportunity for Senergy” said Bill Kasik, President and CEO of Senergy LLC. “We are very pleased to be part of the team promoting such an innovative wall system. Our focus is to offer the valued “stucco look” in the way that meets the specific needs of the customer. The Acsys Panel System with its unique benefits, is a natural extension of this strategy”

“ We are excited about formalizing a relationship with one of the world’s leading suppliers of acrylic coatings for the construction industry.” said Werner Nennecker, President of Acsys Inc.“ Senergy is recognized for its quality products, service and highly respected network of dealers and installers. This alliance combined with our recently announced alliance with Butler Manufacturing Company of Kansas City, Missouri, will significantly broaden our market and accelerate the development of new applications.”

Acsys panels have been used in a wide range of commercial, residential, and industrial applications utilizing freestanding and pre-engineered structural designs. The system has also been used in specialty applications such as indoor pool buildings, car wash buildings and fast-food outlets where the ability to perform in harsh temperature and high moisture environments is critical.

Contact Ann Erney at Senergy LLC 904/996-6167 or Werner Nennecker at Acsys Inc. 208-772-6422 for additional information and details on the system. Senergy LLC which is comprised of Senergy, Finestone and SonoWall, is a leading manufacturer of EIFS, stucco, specialty finishes and architectural coatings. It is part of Degussa Construction Chemicals, the world’s largest construction chemicals group. Degussa is a global leader within the specialty chemicals industry. It has sales of approx. EUR 14 billion and a workforce of some 63,000 employees.

Courtesy of Senergy

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