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News / Past Articles

AWCI Schedule at a Glance

Tuesday, March 25
9 AM-5 PM Executive Committee Meeting*

Wednesday, March 26
7:45 AM-9 AM Association Executives Meeting*
8 AM-Noon Industry Committee Meetings
8 AM-Noon Business Forum #2*
8 AM-5 PM Business Forum #1*
8 AM-5 PM Business Forum #3*
9 AM-5:30 PM Construction Technology Council and Committee Meetings
1 PM-3 PM Continuing Study Committee Meeting
3 PM-5 PM AWCI Dealer Day Professional Seminar:
A Profit Center Waiting to Happen!
4 PM-7 PM Registration Open
4 PM-5:30 PM Foundation Executive Committee Meeting*
5 PM-6:30 PM Dealersí and Exhibitorsí Reception
5:30 PM-7 PM Foundation Board of Directorsí Meeting

Thursday, March 27
7:30 AM-11:45 AM Union Contractors Council and Committee Meetings
7:30 AM-11 AM EIFS Curriculum and Examination Committee
8 AM-10:30 AM Industry Committee Meetings
9 AM-5 PM Safety Directors Forum
10 AM-5 PM Registration Open
10 AM-11 AM Convention Committee Meeting
10 AM-11 AM Information Session: Bienvenue a la Nouvelle Orleans-
Welcome to New Orleans
Noon-6:15 PM Foundation Golf Tournament
11:30 AM-12:30 PM AWCI Hospitality Committee Meeting
Noon-3 PM Hospitality Activity: The Art of Creole Cuisine-A Cooking Demo
& Lunch
Noon-3 PM EIFS Re-certification Exam
2:30 PM-4 PM Educational Sessions
Session A: Building a Buzz-Getting Results from Publicity &
Media Relations
Session B: Mold Identification-What a Contractor Needs to Know
6:15 PM-6:45 PM New Members and Board of Directors Cocktail Reception
6:45 PM-7:45 PM AWCI Presidentís Welcome Reception

Friday, March 28
7:30 AM-5 PM Registration Open
8 AM-9:30 AM Educational Sessions
Session A: Mold Remediation-What a Contractor Can and Should Do
Session B: Renew Your Spirit-Coping with Stress
Session C: Insurance for Contractors-An Update
Session D: Taking Your Safety Program into the 21st Century
9:30 AM-12:15 PM AWCI Opening Session and Awards Presentation Brunch
12:30 PM-5 PM Grand Opening of the AWCI Trade Show
1 PM-4 PM Hospitality Activity: Trash and Treasures-Magazine Street
5 PM-6 PM Exhibitor Feedback Meeting
6 PM-7:30 PM AWCI Lifetime Member Reception*

Saturday, March 29
8:30 AM-3 PM Registration Open
9 AM-10:30 AM Educational Sessions
Session A: The 90-Minute MBA
Session B: Developing a Safety Program and Position
Session C: Evolution of Building Codes
Session D: Proactive Engineering-Accurate Bidding on Projects
with Steel Framing
10 AM-3 PM Trade Show Open
1 PM-5 PM Hospitality Activity: Louisiana Legacy-Mysteries of the Swamp
7 PM-11 PM AWCI Final Night Reception and Dinner Gala with
Foundation Silent and Live Auction
Sunday, March 30
8 AM-Noon AWCI Board of Directors Meeting

*Invitation Only

Courtesy of AWCI

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