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News / Past Articles

CBS Segment

To Our Distributors and Trained Contractors:

As you are probably aware, Dryvit was the subject of a CBS Evening News story on Friday,
September 27, 2002.

As you also know, the media seldom completely understands the issues related to EIFS, and is often very loose with their use of terminology. Much to our disappointment, the CBS correspondent who did the story, Mika Brzezinski, inferred that Dryvit believes the “real problem is that contractors don’t know how to properly install the product.”
Nothing could be farther from the truth. It is important that we set the record straight.

In fact, we taped the CBS interview while it was being conducted at Dryvit on Thursday, September 26, 2002. No where in his response to the correspondent’s questions did Doug Mault, Dryvit’s Director of Industry Relations, say anything closely resembling that. In fact, Doug responded to this exact question.

Interview excerpt:
Brzezsinski: “So, why are these contractors putting [EIFS] on wrong?”
Mault: “Our contractors are not putting it on wrong. That’s the issue!”
Brzezsinski: “Well, there are some homes out there with this siding that are having problems and people are blaming EIFS. You’re telling me it’s not the EIFS; that it’s design flaws, construction flaws”.

Doug went on to describe that construction defects unrelated to the installation of the EIFS were the problem, NOT the installation of the EIFS itself. On numerous occasions during the interview, Doug said that poor construction practices were to blame for the non-EIFS defects that led to moisture intrusion in all claddings. Attached you will find a copy of a letter we sent to CBS News affirming our concern over the comment they wrongly attributed to Doug.

While recognizing the story, like most national segments on EIFS, had a negative slant, we nevertheless strongly believe that Dryvit was better served to participate in the story than to offer no comment. By spending time with the CBS correspondent and the segment producer, the story mentioned that EIFS has become “increasingly popular across the country”, that there are now “drainable versions” available and that the industry has responded to the moisture issue with better training.

These key message points would have been omitted had we not participated in the story and will contribute, over time, to an improved understanding of the issues related to water and EIFS construction.

Sincerely yours,

Courtesy of Dryvit


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